chemical chains






現在、DAWPRO(DTM教室)を主催。学校法人日本教育財団 HAL東京 非常勤講師


■ ゲーム&遊技機 (作曲&編曲)


・任天堂 〜wiiの間/BGM3曲

・アクションRPG「N.E.O」/Black Beard Design Studio/EndingBGM


■TVアニメ BGM&楽曲


・ AT-Xアニメ「ちゅーぶら!!」より  『羽をひろげて』 / 白石遥(矢作紗友里)(10.3.10) キングレコード

・  『乙女のチカラ』/ (09.12.16) ポニーキャニオン ( CTC他アニメ「真・恋姫†無双」 )編曲

・  Bellydancer FarashaとのコラボレーションCD 『 Farasha’s Veil 』を制作。(2010年 韓国 International Art Performance Festival 等 にて発表。)

・ Vocalist & DJ & Composerからなる女性ユニット「3YM」ファースト・シングルが、2016.02.07よりiTunes Store にて配信スタート。

・ Chemical Chainsとして作編曲、MIX、Mastering

■その他、Short Film、ドラマCD、企業 BGM、Show等

Noki, an Apple Certified Trainer and Composer/Arranger, began her musical journey by playing the organ at the age of 3 and the piano at 7. During her junior high school years, she formed a band and started playing the synthesizer. 

In her music career, she has been involved in composing, arranging, and programming music for various mediums such as video games, animation, drama CDs, stage productions, corporate music videos, movies, amusement machines, and TV programs. Additionally, she offers music services to artists, including music arrangement, and actively engages in her own musical endeavors. 

With approximately 16 years of experience as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) instructor, Noki has conducted seminars at Apple Stores, music schools, music stores, and universities. Currently, she serves as the organizer of DAWPRO (DTM classroom) and works as a part-time lecturer at HAL Tokyo, Japan Educational Foundation.