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その後、大手ゲーム会社のRPG作品に作曲・歌唱で参加、また逆転裁判オーケストラアルバム、コーエーテクモの塊魂、バンダイナムコのガンダムGジェネレーション等の作曲を担当。 カジノゲームの効果音制作・歌唱・作曲・編曲・プログラミングに携わる。

Kaori’s musical journey began with her birth to a cellist father and a pianist mother. Growing up in such an environment, she was heavily influenced by her parents’ musical talents. At the tender age of 3, Kaori embarked on her own musical path by starting to play the piano and violin. It was during her elementary school years that she honed her skills in orchestral technique, specifically orchestration.

During her second year of junior high school, Kaori ventured abroad to study, marking the beginning of her independent life. While overseas, she actively participated in local musicals, lending her piano skills to the orchestra pit. After completing her studies at a university in England, she returned to Japan and embarked on a career in music composition using computer.

Kaori’s talent for orchestral arrangements did not go unnoticed. This led to her involvement in the “Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra album.” Her musical contributions extended to other renowned titles such as Koei Tecmo’s “Katamari Damashii” and Bandai Namco’s “Gundam G Generation” and other well-known RPG titles.

She immersed herself in creating sound effect, BGM composing, arranging, singing and programming casino games.